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IC 4685



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V 3903 Sagittarii: a massive main-sequence (O7V+O9V) detached eclipsing binary
We present for the first time an analysis based on uvby light curves,Hβ indices and on new spectroscopic data of the massive detacheddouble-lined O-type eclipsing binary V 3903Sgr. The uvby light curvesare analysed with the WINK (initial solutions) and the Wilson-Devinney(WD, final solution) programs. Both codes were used in their extendedversions, with stellar atmospheres and taking into account the geometricdistortions and photometric effects caused by proximity of thecomponents. The spectroscopic CCD observations were analysed with theharmonic ``Wilsing-Russell'' and the ``Lehman-Filhes'' methods. Weconclude that V 3903Sgr is one of the rare O-type detached systems whereboth components are still on the initial phases of the main sequence,with an age of either 1.6x10(6) yrs or 2.5x10(6) yrs (depending on theevolutionary model adopted) at a distance of ~1500pc, the same as forthe Lagoon Nebula (Messier8) complex, of which the system is probably amember. We determine the absolute dimensions: M_A=27.27+/-0.55,R_A=8.088+/-% 0.086, M_B=19.01+/-0.44 and R_B=6.125+/-0.060 (solarunits). There is no evidence of mass transfer and the system isdetached. The orbit is circular, and both components show synchronousrotation, despite their early evolutionary stage. The absolutedimensions determined should be representative for normal single stars.Amongst the massive systems (M>17Msun) with preciseabsolute dimensions (errors <2%), V 3903Sgr is that with the mostmassive primary, with the largest mass difference between thecomponents, and it is the youngest one. Based on data collected with the60$\,$cm and 1.6$\,$m telescopes at the Pico dos Dias Observatory,Na\-tional Laboratory of Astrophysics, LNA-CNPq, Bra\-só\-polis,MG, Brazil and with the Danish 50$\,$cm telescope (SAT) at the EuropeanSouthern Observatory (ESO), La Silla, Chile

Giant Circumstellar Envelopes and Structure of Nebulae - Part Two - Circumstellar Envelopes in Nebulae Near HD30378 and CED:201
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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:18h09m18.00s
Apparent magnitude:99.9

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ICIC 4685

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