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NGC 1933



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Near-Infrared Observations of the Massive Star Forming Region IRAS 23151+5912
Near-infrared images and K-band spectroscopy of the massive star-formingregion IRAS 23151+5912 are presented. The JHK' images reveal anembedded infrared cluster associated with infrared nebula, and theH2 (2.12μm) narrow-band image provides for the first timeevidence of outflow activity associated with the cluster. That thecluster is young can be shown by the high percentage of infrared excesssources and the outflow activity. We suggest an age of the cluster of˜ 106 yr. Eight young stars are found in the brightnebular core around IRAS 23151+5912. By the color-magnitude diagrams ofthe cluster, we found five high-mass YSOs and four intermediate-massYSOs in the cluster. Eight H2 emission features arediscovered in the region with a scattered and non-axisymmetricdistribution, indicating the existence of multiple outflows driven bythe cluster. Diffuse H2 emission detected to the north and tothe west of the cluster may result from UV leakage of the cluster. Brγ, H2, and CIV emission lines are found in the K-bandspectrum of the brightest source, NIRS 19, indicating the presence ofenvelope, stellar wind, and shock in the circumstellar environment. Wehave estimated an O7--O9 spectral type for the central massive YSO (20˜ 30 Mȯ), with an age of less than 1 ×106 yr

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:05h22m17.22s
Apparent magnitude:99.9

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 1933

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