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IC 2156



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Schmidt survey in the Galactic anticentre direction. 1. Investigation of open clusters
A study of four open clusters in the direction of the Galacticanticentre (l = 186(deg) , b = +2(deg) ) is presented. In a field of8.32 square degrees proper motions and B magnitudes for about 79000stars down to 19.5 were determined on Tautenburg Schmidt plates. Formore than 15500 of them U magnitudes down to 17.3 could be obtained.Additionally, OCA Schmidt plates were used to determine V, R magnitudesin a larger field of 24.45 square degrees for 271000 stars down to V =18.2. For stars brighter than V = 15.5 an accuracy of about 1.5 mas/yrhas been estimated for proper motions. The rms errors of stellarmagnitudes and colour indices are 0.09 - 0.12 mag. Several open clustershave been already known in this direction of the sky, e.g. NGC 2168 or M35 (C 0605+243), NGC 2158 (C 0604+241) and IC 2157 (C 0601+240).Inspecting the plates and analysing the colour-magnitude diagrams andpublished data, we could identify an additional anonymous cluster C0605+242 with a projection on the sky near the centre of M 35 but at alarger distance from the Sun. The cluster membership determination wascarried out using information on spatial and proper motion distributionsof stars in the field. The colour-magnitude diagrams were derived downto the limiting stellar magnitude. For each cluster the interstellarextinction A_V, the diameters of the core and corona, the ages andspatial velocity components (V, W) relative to the LSR in the Y, Z -Galactic directions were determined. The distances to the clusters of960 pc, 2600 pc, 2520 pc and 3700 pc were obtained for M 35, IC 2157, C0605+242 and NGC 2158. They show the loci of the clusters in the Localand Perseus spiral arms and at external border of Perseus arm,respectively.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:06h04m48.00s
Apparent magnitude:99.9

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ICIC 2156

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